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My name is Sharron Holt, I have been doing ceramics since February 2017, for 5 years now. In six months it will be 6 years. This is not a specialized education. I am a psychologist by education. I have an interesting history with ceramics. One ceramist said an interesting phrase: “Ceramics is not a job, it is a way of life. And to be honest, I guess that's how I live. For the public, yes. When I go to the workshop, I say that I am going to work. But this is my life. I constantly think about it, everything revolves around ceramics, my works: thoughts and actions. It's hard to call it work. Initially, I started with interior ceramics. At first it was watches, sculpture, vases. Then I somehow switched to dishes, and now I'm making interior ceramics and dishes. But what I love the most. It's hard to say. I treat my work as different from children, it sounds ridiculous. It's weird to say that, I guess. But this is something your own, a part of you. I like to visit festivals, communicate, exchange information. Look at other works, get inspired. In general, it's very cool!
I study ceramics every day. She brings surprises, gifts. I'm never sure what will come out of the oven 100 percent what I have in mind. And really, that's probably what keeps me going. Boredom does not come, does not bother. This is such a “romance with ceramics”, I really like it and there is no doubt that I am in the right place.

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