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Outdoor flowerpots
from fireclay

One of the common garden accessories are flowerpots that create a special atmosphere around them. When choosing them to decorate the garden, you need to consider what material they are made of, their shape and stylistic direction. The best material is ceramics. Flowerpots made of chamotte clay are universal: they are frost-resistant, do not crack or crumble, which is very important for outdoor flowerpots. The walls of flowerpots are vapor-permeable, this favorably affects the root system of plants and allows them to grow and develop well. All chamotte clay flowerpots are made by hand by master ceramists. They are made from natural materials and are therefore harmless to children and animals. They have a long service life. various shapes and sizes of flowerpots, these are compressed wide flowerpots in the form of a bowl, and flowerpots in the form of an elongated jug. All of them are made in a calm beige color and highlighted with brown in the decor area. Coating from the inside with a special quartz glaze increases their service life. Flowerpots are suitable for planting any plants, as well as small shrubs and trees. Decorated with embossed patterns and ornaments and installed in the garden, flowerpots will emphasize the splendor of the landscape design of the garden, and those made in the form of goblets on a figured leg will perfectly decorate the entrance area to a country house. 

You can arrange flowerpots in different ways: directly on the ground or on a stand, column. When installing on the ground under the bottom, it is better to put a flat stone or pour a little gravel for stability. 
Flowerpots look beautiful mounted on columns, which in turn can be of different heights and designs. Flowerpots with columns will look more harmonious if they are made of the same material. Fireclay ceramics are not light, they are difficult to tip over and therefore they are the best decorative accessory for the garden. Flowerpots can be filled with both the same plants, of the same or different colors, and compositions of several different types of plants. Small conifers, boxwood, low shrubs will also create interesting compositions. Flowerpots with a narrow neck can be installed empty and be a decorative element in the design of a country house.
There are the following rules in landscape design: if the flower garden is colorful, and you install a flowerpot next to it, then the plants in the flowerpot should be simple, preferably plain, green. And if you install a flowerpot on the lawn, then you can plant bright flowers in the flowerpot. If you need to emphasize the beauty of the flowerpot and highlight it, then it is left empty or the same plants are planted as around it.

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