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Garden figures

The classical style in landscape design is mainly used in large areas. The elements of this style are straight lines and strict geometry. Monumentality and luxury are inherent in it. When choosing garden figures, you must adhere to the following criteria:
Large size, classic style, monumental materials.
Chamotte garden figures are very suitable for this style: columns, flowerpots in the Rococo and Baroque styles. In a garden designed in a classic style, works of topiary art look great. Alleys made up of living geometric shapes, made from sheared boxwood and planted in monumental large pots, will create a rich look and give personality to your garden.
English style is very popular in landscape design. There is no clear geometry in it, there is only naturalness in everything, it gives the impression of a garden created by nature without human intervention. The elements of this style are: a flat lawn and, if the area allows, a pond.

Almost any garden figure fits well into such a design: low flowerpots with different types of flowers will create interesting compositions in the backyard; figures of animals, fish will perfectly fit next to the playground, pond and benches; mushroom figures will beautifully decorate the space next to the trees.
Mediterranean style is not flashy. The style elements are neat ponds, beautiful terraces and a lot of airiness and space. The main material used for garden figures in garden design is stone. Garden figures made of chamotte clay are very similar to stone and are not inferior to it in their characteristics. Massive flowerpots will perfectly decorate the entrance areas, and the figures will be appropriate near the pond and next to the terrace.
With the help of fireclay garden figures, it is possible to create a garden design in any style.

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