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Ceramic pots for
trees and shrubs

Ceramics made from fireclay clay has excellent performance characteristics. The pots have thick walls and a bottom, they are difficult to tip over, which is very important for large plants. They are made of natural materials, this advantage allows the root system and the plant itself to grow and develop well. Not afraid of sub-zero temperatures, do not crack and do not crumble. Fireclay pots are durable and the best in their field. Our catalog contains a wide range of pots of different shapes, sizes and volumes.
Evergreens delight their owners and do not lose their attractiveness all year round. Most evergreen shrubs and conifers do not need to be covered for the winter. Planted in ceramic pots made of chamotte clay, which are not afraid of temperature changes and ultraviolet radiation, the plants endure the winter perfectly. They can be arranged in a kind of green guards and put on the fence, alleys and paths of the garden. Most evergreens are slow growing species, so they can be grown in the same pot for several seasons. Usually coniferous plants and shrubs are transplanted every 5 years, in the spring. When transplanted into a larger pot, the root system is shortened by a few centimeters. 

Evergreen trees and shrubs that grow well in large pots include: Canadian spruce "Konika", mountain pines, Leyland cupressocypress, cypress, privet, boxwood. Boxwood is very common, it looks great installed in the garden, on both sides of the paths, next to the entrance area to the house, at the gates and gates. It can be cut into interesting shapes. Boxwood and privet are suitable plants for making spectacular potted arrangements.
Prominent representatives of deciduous plants are roses, skumpii, hydrangeas and maples. Roses planted in fireclay pots look elegant. The calm beige tones of the pots do not draw all the attention to themselves, but only emphasize the dignity of delicate flowers. By planting finger or holly maples, you can drastically change the space. Their carved leaves with bright shades of red, bronze will create interesting colorful compositions, from which it is not possible to take your eyes off. The skumpia shrub will charm with its fluffy flowers and add mystery to the decor. Hydrangea with large leaves and inflorescences in the form of balls will fascinate and turn the garden into an amazing fairy tale. It will perfectly decorate the verandas and gazebos.
Trees and shrubs look harmonious in large fireclay pots. Their laconic design and pastel colors create noble and rich compositions.

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